Small Animals

We offer a wide range of small animal services for cats, dogs, birds reptiles and more! 


We are once again offering Puppy Preschool lessons!!

If you would like more infomation on preschool,  please contact the clinic and speak with Monique!


  • Consultations
    • Wellness exams
    • Dental exams
    • Yearly check ups
    • Elderly patient checks
    • Gereral check ups and more!  
  • Home visits
    • If you are unable to bring your pet into us, we can come to you!
  • Vaccinations
    • For the prevention of dangerous diseases to your pets
  • Cat Clipping
    • To help keep your long haired feline friend well groomed and cool for the warmer seasons
  • Micro chipping
    • This is a requirement by law. It is also a great way to ensure that if your pet is ever lost, we will be able to contact you.
  • Dentistry
    • We have the latest dental equipment to provide your pet the best dental care possible
  • Desexing
    • For any pet young or old, male or female.
    • We can also castrate guinea pigs, goats, sheep and horses.
  • Surgery
    • We have the latest surgical equipment to perform soft tissue surgery to repair wounds or injuries, remove lumps, bumps and skin tumours 
    • We can correct entropian/ectropian (rolled in/out eye lids), address emergencies such as hit by car, caesarean section, intestinal blockages and bladder stones 
    • We are also able to perform orthopaedic surgery to repair injuries after accidents (broken bones fractures etc.), improve lameness e.g. luxating patella surgery or hip dislocation correction, we can perform cruciate ligament repair surgery and many more!
  • In House Blood Analysis
    • We have comprehansive blood machines on site to help arrive at a diagnosis sooner for your pet
  • Digital x-rays
    • To assess any skeletal or soft tissue injuries/ conditions
    • For hip and elbow scoring
  • Endoscopy
    • For examining your pets airways, lungs and stomach and digestional tract
  • Ultrasound
    • Pregnancy diagnosis
    • Internal organ injuries
    • Diagnosis of soft tissue problems
  • Hospital facilities
    • To nurse your pet back to full health whilst recovering from surgeries/ illnesses
  • After hours emergency service   
    • We are available 24/7 for emergencies via appointment
  • General advise for the care of puppies, kittens and adults alike!
  • A comprehensive range of Flea, Tick and worming preventions, as well as Pet Shampoos and Conditioners, Pet Foods, Leads and Collars as well as other pet products
  • A comprehensive range of Lupine leads and collars

If we don't have something listed that you are looking for, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff to see if we can help!